Camera Inspection


Why Our Sewer/Drain Camera Inspection Service is Right for You:

  • Inspects & Identifies the Problem Without Digging and Destructing Landscaping
  • Helps Find out Where the Drain Problem is (cracks, tree roots, or faulty installation)
  • Identifies Low Areas, Water Infiltration, and Broken and Crushed Pipes
  • Quick, Accurate and Less Invasive
  • Can Save You Thousands of Dollars!!!

Sewer/Drain Camera Service – Best Quality & Rate in GTA!

Camera, Drains, Fixture.

AMAZING service & results! We had a sewer backup, the city wouldn't help without a 'proper access pt' and a previous plumber who cracked our toilet tank. Mike came out to investigate w/ camera, snaked the drains, helped us understand our options, talked w/ the city on our behalf, had the cleanout w/ back-water valve installed the next day & went out of his way to get us a new toilet (at cost) & even installed it for us FREE when the other guy wouldn't even come back to look. We have already recommended Mike & Public Plumbing to friends & family. This company really came through for us!

- Michelle & Mark, Toronto

Sanitary Line Replacement

In late Jan. my upstairs drainage stopped working. After renting a snake and still no drainage I called Mike who came by after work a few days later. I had dealt with Mike two times before and was very pleased with the results. This time he checked out the symptoms and then camera'd the sanitary line. Turns out the line was jammed with roots from a nearby tree. He quickly sized up what needed to be done and what the total cost would be. I agreed to what he suggested and he said he would arrange to get the City permit and get the job started ASAP. He called later in the week and said the guys would be here at 9 AM Monday. The crew arrived on time Monday and started work. They kept the work area as clean as possible, threw down tarps inside the door and the stairway leading downstairs. I went down after a few hours and was amazed at the progress they had made. They had dug up the 30 + plus feet under the floor that needed replacing and had removed the main stack which provided drainage from the main floor. They were starting to install the replacement PVC. Around 3 PM, they let me know that I could now use my water and toilet which I did! They left around 5 and said they would return the next morning again to finish. They arrived the next morning and this time were cleaned up and gone before 12 noon. They would return to backfill 3-4 feet that was left open for the Inspector to view the backwater valve. Upon that inspection, the remaining section was backfilled and cemented. The job came out great and the workmanship was top notch. Mike dropped by a while later to settle up the final payment and did a quick snake out of the bathroom/kitchen line which was still causing a bit of a problem. After that I was 100% satisfied with the results. Thanks Mike and crew!

- Ykram, Toronto

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