Trenchless Technology


Avoid Destroying Your Front Lawn and Discover the Quickest, Quietest, Most Inexpensive Option!

“No Dig” Trenchless Technology Demonstration:

When your home’s water line is damaged or blocked, the traditional solution of repair and replacement is costly in more ways than one. It requires a dramatic excavation of your front yard, garden, driveway or patio that is disturbing, noisy and often extremely expensive.

The effects of a punctured or collapsed pipeline are significant and it can be difficult and stressful to uncover the best solution for restoration.

Conveniently, there is a new, more efficient and less expensive option available that takes less than half the time to complete! This popular new method is called trenchless pipe replacement.

With the latest trenchless technology, our professional plumbers can replace your damaged water supply line with absolutely “no-digging” involved. The exactly same job is complete but your front lawn no longer has to be destroyed in the process, leaving a quick and clean, lasting impression.

There are two different methods of trenchless pipe replacement: Pipe Bursting and Pipe Lining.

Pipe Bursting:

This method is the ideal pipe replacement technique for various types of pipes including steel, clay, concrete and pitch fibre.

At the beginning and end of the line, two small entry points are dug for access. A high density polyethylene pipe is then pulled through the existing pipe, destroying the damaged line.

Your water line is now restored and the strong polyethylene pipe lasts for up to 50 years!

Pipe Relining:

This method allows full line repairs on only 3’’ to 8’’ lines. One entry point is dug and a fiberglass pipe is placed inside the damaged pipe for a structural repair. The pipe lasts for up to 50 years!

The new lining also can be run down as far as the city connection line.

Trenchless sewer pipe replacement technology is the best new option for effectively repairing your broken sewer line. It can save you thousands of dollars in restoration fees AND save you the stress of a massive trench being dug just outside your front door. This optimal solution is proven to serve your repair and replacement needs accurately, time-efficiently and easily!

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