Client Testimonials

Low Water Pressure, Main Water Line

After speaking with a few plumbing and drain companies I was recommended to John at Public Plumbing. They came to my house and in plain English explained to me what I needed and why and answered all my questions. After some fair negotiations I agreed to the work and they started the following week. Their team was polite, determined and very friendly and from concrete breaking to their boot wraps for inside the house, they really provide great service and efficient work. The team were so focused they completed everything in one day, including pouring concrete over the holes they had made. A big thank you from me and my family, the water pressure is great as was the experience. Easy 10 out of 10!

- Yura K, Mississauga

Backwater Valve Installation

John and his team of workers at Public Plumbing were a pleasure to work with. Let's start with communication: Questions were always answered promptly, work was explained in an understandable manner, and there were no hidden costs. The pricing for the job was extremely reasonable and the work was done in a shorter amount of time than originally anticipated. Best of all, when the job was completed, there was no debris, no mess, and no clean up necessary on my part. The workers did a very clean job and I would happily recommend Public Plumbing to anyone looking for a reliable plumber. Honest. Reliable. Professional...What more could we ask for. Thanks guys!

- M. Burr , Toronto

Main Waterline Replacement

Our experience with Public Plumbing was terrific. We had a water line leak in the delivery pipe in 100ft distance between city pipe and our house. We had previously hired another contractor who replaced a small section and assured us things would be fine. They were not, and a second leak & flood developed. John to the rescue! He told us we had been swindled and explained why & how he would replace the pipe in its entire length, do minimal damage to the lawn, not disrupt the foundation wall or concrete walkway, and protect our interior finishes. John was very patient and informative. His crew was early, hardworking, courteous and tidy. It was a big job, done in a very prompt, efficient and neat manner. Our experience was very positive, and we would not hesitate to recommend this company.

- B. Holland, Toronto

Leaky Shower

Thank you for responding quickly to this issue. A very professional way of handling things! Thank you to Public Plumbing for making a bad situation into a positive one. I really appreciate the effort you have put into being an accountable company.

- Jacqueline, Oshawa

Kitchen Sink

I was very pleased with the service of Public Plumbing. Phil who was the plumber who worked on the kitchen sink was very pleasant and professional. He made sure everything was working properly and was kind enough to clean up after the job was done. I would definitely recommend Public Plumbing.

- Julie, Brampton

Kitchen Drain Cleaning

Had trouble with double kitchen drain. Water was flowing down very slow and needed someone specialized to come in. They responded promptly and although this was a very small job dealt with us with highest standards. Very pleased! Thank you!

- Dan S, Mississauga

Kitchen Sink and Faucet Replacement

The drain baskets in the double, stainless steel kitchen sink at my father's house was leaking. When I called the receptionist was extremely very helpful; booked Naz to come out and assess the problem. The pricing we felt was honest. Naz and his team completed the job in 2 hours replacing the drain baskets, pipes and faucet with minimum interruption to our day. They were polite, efficient and very tidy.Many thanks, to Naz and your team.

- Ellen, Toronto

Sewer Pipe Replacement

We woke up on a Saturday to the smell of sewage in our basement. We narrowly missed a flood, thanks to Public Plumbing. They sent Mike Dunn to our home immediately. Mike explained the problem and also explained that we would need to dig into our ground to see what was going on. He could not promise what we would find but offered his best guess based on his experience -- a collapsed trap. He was right. The crew was efficient, polite and hard-working. By Monday, they had dug up our driveway, removed the trap and replaced the pipe. This work was done over one year ago. We have had no problems since that time. I give Mike and Public Plumbing my highest recommendation

- Alexis, Toronto

Basement Drain Replacement

The basement drain was overflowing and I called a few drain places but Public Plumbing was able to come by right away to deal with the problem. He was very professional and showed us exactly what the issue was. He gave us a reasonable price for the job and it was completed the next day. We will definitely be using their services in the future.

- Galina B, Mississauga

Sewer Pit Replacement

I had an old sewer pit in the house with improper lid, which didn't seal the pit properly, could feel the sewer smell in the basement. Called several companies and every one of them said the only way is to replace the whole pit (they can't make a custom lid for the existing one). Other companies quoted more than $4000 for the job, plus 2-3 days of work(=several days of mess in the house). I tried to resolve the issue by other means: installed a fan, tried to seal the pit in different ways. Nothing helped. A friend of mine suggested this one as a reliable and reasonable company. They came the next day after my call, gave me a much better quote ($1000 less than other companies), did an amazing very clean job in 1 DAY! Since then, my problem was resolved - no more sewer smell in the house. The pit works perfectly and will last a long time. I am very satisfied with their services and wish I knew about them earlier and didn't spend money on other stuff that didn't work. Would definitely recommend to everybody I know.

— Varia, Mississauga

Waterproofing, Sump Pump & Water Meter

Exceptional Service, second to none! My family was devastated due to numerous basement flooding each time it rained this spring. Mike came to the rescue and offered solutions to our problems. Each time they did a project, his team was efficient, courteous, and professional. Mike walked us through the specifics of installing a sump pump and waterproofing. He ironed our worries gave us peace of mind. Our sump pump works efficiently. The landscape at my front garden was exactly the same before the excavation. As if no one stepped on it! They really clean after their debris. That big job was done in two days. The quality of their work is outstanding. Their attitude is great. Nick fixed the leak on our meter working around the time slot when the city could shut off form the city's main line. I recommended Public Plumbing to my neighbour and she called Mike the next day. She was also happy about the service (sump pump), and called them for another project. I am a very satisfied customer!

- Josie, Toronto

Faucet Replacement

I was having trouble shutting of my laundry faucet for a while, and after forcing it too much I probably caused the mechanism to finally break down and what it was just a leak turned out to be a lot of water running unstoppable. It was night so I had to shut my main water off. The next day I called several plumbers, some didn't answer the phone, some charged me to come to my house and make a quote, another that I sent pictures never called me back. When I get to Public Plumbing I was answered right away by a lady called Tania, whom I briefly explained the situation, and she made sure to get any available plumber to call me back. Ten minutes later Phil called me aware of my problem and told that he would be in my house in less than 45 minutes. 30 minutes later he got to my house and explained everything needed to be done (basically cut off the old faucet, solder the new one and reconnect the primer line), how much it was gonna cost, very polite, professional and positive manner, and to my surprise their price was better than their competitor, a couple dollars less. I had no doubt and signed the contract right away. Phil did everything in one hour and let everything spotless and the most important: a functional, easy to shut off faucet. He also gave me a document for a one year warranty of service. I will sure recommend Phil and Public Plumbing.

- Daiane, Mississauga